BlueSmart mia 1 - Smart Baby Feeding Monitor (WiFi Edition)

BlueSmart mia 1 - Smart Baby Feeding Monitor (WiFi Edition)

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Keep track of the most important baby feeding data - Monitors & records feeding temperature, amount, duration, angle, and warns of possible expiration. WiFi. (Not a bottle warmer).

  • Details

    The world's first smart baby feeding monitor is here. BlueSmart mia is ideal for bottle-fed babies or new parents. This smart sleeve slides onto standard-sized baby bottles so you can monitor everything about your baby’s feedings. Pairs with free Waddle app via WiFi.


    Key features

    BlueSmart Baby Tracker app

    • Temperature Alert
    • Feeding Amount (by voice)
    • Expiration Warning
    • Angle Alert
    • Feeding Duration
    • Automatically sync feeding data to app via WiFi
    • Completely baby-safe (FDA approved)
    • Automatically sync feeding data
    • Store and access all your baby data in one place
    • Receive feeding plan suggestions and tips
    • Craft a comprehensive baby journal
    • Share your baby journal with your family or pediatrician




    • Best of Baby 2018: Baby Tech - The Bump
    • 2018 Best of Baby Tech, Baby Eats - CES (Consumer Electronics Show)
    • 2018 Best of Baby: Baby Feeding - TTPM (Toys, Tots, Pets, & More)
    • Best of Smart Baby Products -
    • FCC, CE, RoHS, CPSC, and SRRC

    - Bottle not included
    - Is not a bottle warmer
    - Information is not intended to replace the advice of your pediatrician
    - Is Wi-Fi dependent (limited feeding data is stored if not connected to Wi-Fi)
    - Does not work with public Wi-Fi networks with logins (ex. airport Wi-Fi, hotel Wi-Fi)


  • What's inside?

    Indicator Puck: The brain of mia, champions high precision temperature, motion, and color sensors. It transmits real-time feeding updates through the cloud directly to your phone. Embedded technology confirms proper and scientific feeding, with unique voice recognition technology to precisely track the amount your baby consumes. IPX7 waterproof rating with wireless transmission in line with International Radio Consultative Committee standards.


    Silicone Sleeve: The baby-safe silicone sports five bowed waves - enabling it to snugly accommodate different sized bottles. Its immaculate, matte finish, and soft texture mimics supple skin. Flexible, food-grade, and natural silicone rubber is similar to the material in high-end pacifiers – providing ultimate comfort. Easily separable from the indicator puck and is dishwasher-safe, delivering hygienic simplicity.


    Wireless Charging Plate: Sleek white wireless charging plate with Qi Standard inductive charging. Micro-USB connectivity with micro-USB to USB cable included. Experience worry-free charging.

  • How to use?

    BlueSmart mia makes the complicated and time-consuming baby tracking simpler.


    1. Slide mia onto baby bottle.
    2. Receive guidance from indicator lights to ensure optimal feeding.
    3. Feed your baby.
    4. Tell mia how much your baby consumed.
    5. Enjoy peace of mind.
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