BlueSmart mia 2 - Intelligent Baby Feeding Monitor (Bluetooth Edition)

BlueSmart mia 2 - Intelligent Baby Feeding Monitor (Bluetooth Edition)

Automatically logs amount, temperature, duration, angle, and potential expiration. Baby-safe. Easy to clean. Pairs with Waddle App via Bluetooth.


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  • Details

    Being a new parent is hard. Feeding your baby doesn’t have to be. Created to make the lives of new parents easier, BlueSmart mia automatically and seamlessly records all baby feeding data to the free Waddle App mobile app. Ensure optimal feedings and monitor the parts that matter most.


    Key Features Waddle App
    • Automatic portion measurement
    • Temperature alert
    • Expiration warning
    • Angle alert
    • Feeding duration
    • Dishwasher-safe silicone, hand-washable indicator puck
    • Pairs & syncs with Waddle App via Bluetooth
    • Automatically sync and stores all feeding data
    • Access all your baby data in one place
    • Receive feeding plan suggestions and tips
    • Set and meet daily/weekly/monthly feeding goals
    • Keep a journal of your newborn (milestones, photos, naps, notes, diapers, reminders, more)
    • Share baby data with your family or pediatrician and ensure a healthy baby



    • 2019 CES Innovations Award Honoree
    • Editor's Choice CES 2019
    • Women’s Health Editor’s Choice CES 2019
    • Parents Best Family Tech at CES 2019
    • Fartherly Favorite 2019
    • Best of Smart Baby Products -

    - Bottle not included
    - Is not a bottle warmer
    - Information is not intended to replace the advice of your pediatrician


  • What's inside?

    Indicator Puck: The indicator puck is the brain of BlueSmart mia2. Its embedded technology includes high-precision weight, temperature, motion, time, and color sensors to ensure optimal feedings. Bluetooth and patented technology provides fast, stable data transmission and an easy pairing experience. Just open the app and the indicator puck sends everything you could ever want to know about your baby's feedings right to your fingertips.


    Silicone Sleeve: Made with food-grade, FDA-approved silicone, the colorful BlueSmart mia2 sleeve sports an elegant flower design symbolizing purity, health, and prosperous growth. It also functions to accommodate baby bottles of various sizes. The silicone sleeve separates easily from the indicator puck for cleaning and is dishwasher safe – so you never have to worry about spills.


    Charging Plate: Keep your indicator puck charged on this sleek white wireless charging plate. Simply set the puck on the plate to activate the magnetic contact charging. The charging plate also comes with a USB-C power cable.

  • How to use?

    BlueSmart mia makes the complicated and time-consuming baby tracking simpler.


    1. Slide mia onto baby bottle.
    2. Receive guidance from indicator lights to ensure optimal feeding.
    3. Feed your baby.
    4. Tell mia how much your baby consumed.
    5. Enjoy peace of mind.
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