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Do You Have the Right Nanny?

Deciding on childcare is a big decision and your options are likely a nanny, daycare, or au pair. You may choose a nanny for the following reasons:

You want one-on-one attention for your childYou have a unreliable schedule which would make daycare pickup difficultYou want your child cared for in your homeYou have multiple children that need cared forYou need care on holidays and weekends when daycares are usually closedYour child has special needs that would be better suited for in-home careYou require additional responsibilities, such as cooking and cleaning

There may be even more reasons why you are choosing to go with a nanny rather than other childcare options. But no matter what your reasons, you’ll need to be ready when the day comes for your nanny to start work. Below are some tips to help you get started with your family’s new nanny.

Set clear responsibilities

Make sure your new nanny knows exactly what you need as far as childcare and around your home. Are you hiring a nanny simply for childcare or do you need other tasks completed such as cooking and cleaning? Make a list of tasks you would like your nanny to complete and go over the list with them before they are even hired. Ensure that they are willing to complete everything you are requiring so that there are no issues after they have started working. It is recommended that you outline all these responsibilities in a contract that is agreed upon and signed before your nanny starts work.

Some additional tasks you may require of a nanny other than childcare could be:


Maintaining activity schedules


Running errands

Caring for pets


Outline a schedule

It is best if you create an outline of your child/children’s schedule and go over it with your new nanny. You’ll want your nanny to know all the ins and outs of your usual day. Go over every detail. Sleep routines and timing, feeding schedules, diaper changes, play time. One of the great things about having a nanny is that they can maintain your family’s normal routine.

If your nanny will be caring for your infant then outlining the feeding routine is crucial. Make sure they understand when you like your baby fed, on a schedule or on demand. Show them how to prepare a bottle and how to feed your baby. This is a great opportunity to show your nanny how to use your BlueSmart mia. The mia makes having a nanny care for your child simple. You can see when and how much your baby is being fed and your nanny can perfect the bottle’s temperature and feeding angle.

Clarify your parenting and discipline style

Every family is different. Even before you hire your nanny you should clarify your parenting style and how you would prefer your children to be disciplined. Perhaps you don’t have preferences for discipline yet because your child is too young to have thought about it. Let your nanny know that you need more time to think about it but you will have a conversation about discipline in the future when it becomes more pertinent.

Communicate, communicate, communicate

One of the most important things you need to maintain in the relationship with your nanny is constant communication. If anything ever bothers you or you need to add an additional responsibility you need to talk with your nanny about it immediately. Like most relationships, the sooner you address an issue the less likely it is to become a bigger issue. You’ll also want to let your nanny know that they can always come to you with concerns or questions. Even if your nanny becomes one of the family (and we hope they do!) remember that it is an employee-employer relationship. So you’ll want to maintain that relationship with regular meetings and conversations.

We hope that with these tips you’ll start off on a great footing with your new nanny!

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