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Amazon Alexa and BlueSmart: Revolutionizing the Baby Journal

Do you have an Amazon Alexa in your home? So many households have these ingenious devices in their home to help with daily tasks and we are so excited that there is now a BlueSmart skill for Amazon Alexa! There are so many great ways to use BlueSmart with Amazon Alexa and we’re going to go over a few of the ways it makes tracking your baby's activities that much easier!

Purchase and Set Up Alexa

Don’t have an Alexa at home? There are quite a few options to get Alexa so that you can use it with BlueSmart.

Download the Alexa App (iOS, Android): Simply download the Amazon Alexa app in your device’s App Store. It’s free and will allow you to essentially turn your device into an Amazon Alexa.Get an Alexa device: Head over to to browse all the Alexa options, from the Echo Spot to the Echo Show. You can choose one with just a speaker or one with a screen.

Next you’ll need to enable the BlueSmart Baby Tracker and Logbook skill. You can also do this by following the link at the top of the Works with Alexa page on our website. Just click ENABLE after following that link and follow Amazon's activation steps.

Lastly, you’ll need to link your BlueSmart account with the Alexa app. Then you’ll be all set to tell Alexa all the things you’d like to record in the BlueSmart app!

Why the Alexa Skill is Worth Getting

Using BlueSmart with Alexa makes maintaining a baby journal and your baby’s schedule even simpler. Just tell Alexa what you want to record in the app and it’s added right away! You can also have Alexa tell you history that has been previously recorded and upcoming tasks that are scheduled. Below are some of the great options you can record in your BlueSmart app using Alexa along with a few ways you can command Alexa to record them.

Bottle Feeds and Nursing

- "Add a six ounce bottle at 2 pm"

- "When is the next bottle"

- "Add a nursing on the left at 2 pm"

- "Start a nursing"

- "Switch nursing sides"


- "Add a 15 minute nap"

- "Start a nap"

- "When is the next nap"


- "Add a meal"

- "Remove the last meal"


- "Add a dirty diaper"

- "Diaper change summary"


- "Add a 24 inch height measurement"

- "Last height measurement"

- "Add a 12 pound weight"

- "Weight measurements in the last month"


- "Record a milestone first smile"

- "Remove the last milestone"

- "Milestone history"


- "Is the mia fully charged"

- "Battery life"

Baby Facts

- "Tell me a baby fact"

Daily Summary

- "Summary of today"


- "Change to the metric system"

- "Change to US measurements"


- "Bottle temperature"

- "Formula temperature"


- "Buy a BlueSmart mia"


- "How it works"

- "Growth measurement help"

- "Schedule help"

- "Contact info"

- "Mia help"

These are only a few of the utterances that can be used with your Alexa in the BlueSmart app. You can find a full list of what you can say here.

Using Alexa to record in your BlueSmart app will make your life so much easier! You can simply speak a command and Alexa will do the work for you. You may have your hands full while feeding, cleaning bottles, or playing with your baby but you can still easily record in the BlueSmart app.

If you not only use your BlueSmart app as a scheduling app but also as a milestone journal you’ll be able to look back at the entries to remember all those sweet moments you witnessed in your baby’s life. What a great way to record those beautiful memories!

Consider showing your baby’s caregiver how to use the BlueSmart app with Alexa so that they can easily record information as well. You’ll be able to check on your baby’s schedule progress throughout the day and be put at ease knowing your baby is being well cared for.

We hope you love using Alexa to record in the BlueSmart mia app and that it makes your life as a parent just that much easier!

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