Digitize your childcare operations

Designed by working parents and childcare owners together, Waddle for childcare app is the perfect tool to manage your childcare facilities and communicate with parents. 

Smart check in& out

Check in and out children with Waddle facial recognition feature is so easy. Quick and reliable. Parents can even authorize a friend to pick up the child in the app first and the system will automatically match the face. Plus you can save the cost of paper printing or digital keys.

Daily/weekly reports

Record kids' everyday like sleep, feeding, solid, diaper, activities and highlights etc. Our system will automatically generate beautiful daily or weekly report for each child and share with every family.

Digital portfolio

Create beautiful multi-media portfolio with pictures, videos, observations. Digital portfolio can fully present parents all the small and big efforts teachers have made and get synced with every little step and moment happening in the classroom.

Easy communication

Now you can communicate with the parents directly in Waddle app. Make a group announcement or message a parent individually, you can even create the frequent use templates like "please bring more diapers" or "the diaper cream is running out".

Milestone tracking

The accurate and timely observations on a child's growth reflects your facility's professional level. Waddle app makes it easy to track children's development milestones. Teachers can check the milestones based on each child's age anytime and link the observations with the milestones.

Docs & files center

Share, upload, download all the documents and files in the digital docs center. Save the cost of paper printing and make your daily operation more organized. You can still air print from the app if you really have to.

Intelligent photos management

Our AI-powered album feature recognize every child's face so the system can automatically tag and group tons of daily photos. The teacher will save over 50% of time in sorting and sharing photos.

Why is Waddle app your best choice?



Time in management

Money in printing

Trouble in miscommunication



Parent satisfaction

Trust / Credibility

Professional image

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