The Waddle App


How can I download the app?

Scan the QR code, or visit

How can I send my child care provider a message?

Go to the Village page, and find your child care provider. Tap the message icon to communicate with your child care provider.

How do I download my child's photos and videos from Waddle?

Go to Portfolio page, tap on an image to expand it. Tap the "Download" button.

I can't log into my account.

If at any point you're unable to log into your account, press “Forgot password?” on Log In page, to reset your password.

How do I change the email address that I get updates to from my child's daycare provider?

Currently, users can not change the email address.

What's the "Village"?

The Village is the close group of friends and family that you want to share updates with. This might include grandparents, aunts and uncles, or close friends.

Does all the people in Village can see my chatting contents?

No. You can set their authorities when you inviting them.

How do I add or remove people from the Village?

Open the app and head to the Village page,find Invitation part on the top, start adding with filling email address.

How can I get Waddle support?

For Waddle App problems, open the app and go to Profile page, then select 'Feedback' to enter and send your problems to us.

Other problems, please send email to

Who has access to my data and is it private?

Waddle takes privacy very seriously. All photos and videos of your child are posted only to your account and no one else can access this information without express consent being provided by you. All account passwords are encrypted for additional security.


How can I upload files to data center?

Log in, and find Data Center page. Then you can upload and mange files.

Is my information backed up?

Yes, all of your information is automatically backed up on cloud.

What happens to a child's information if they leave or graduate from our programs?

The child will become inactive, however, you will still be able to access their profile and all of the associated records and reports.

Is the Waddle app secure?

The Waddle app adopts HTTPS secure protocol. In addition, children data are encrypted.

Where is data stored and is it secure?

Waddle data is stored on Alibaba Cloud infrastructure. It is one of the most secure cloud computing environments available with highly secure data centers utilizing state-of the art electronic surveillance and access control systems, including 24x7 trained security guard protection.