Simplify parenting for modern families

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BlueSmart started with a simple goal: help the modern parent (especially mom) feel confident, connected, and at ease.

Our team of parents noticed that many of our previous colleagues didn't return to work after their maternity leaves like they had planned. A main reason being that they weren't comfortable leaving their baby with others. For the new moms who did return to work, they struggled with their work life balance, spending lots of time texting and calling to get updates on their baby. We knew there had to be a better way to stay connected.

We looked in the market for a solution and were surprised to find so few baby-related innovations. So we took it upon ourselves to create a smart device to help working parents. We consulted hundreds of parents to ensure our device was as helpful as possible. Given that babies each have their own bottle preferences, we started with an elastic smart sleeve that works with most bottles. We then added the ability to track all the bottle feeding data - temperate, amount, angle, duration, and expiration - to be easily synced with a mobile app. Thus, our first product - BlueSmart mia, an intelligent bottle feeding monitor that automatically tracks baby's milk consumption was born.   


In 2019, BlueSmart team started to explore an all-in-one parenting app for new parents because we keep getting feedbacks from our customers. After generations and generations updates, Waddle app was created. The AI-powered parenting app that designed to coordinate every caregiver, analyze each child's development milestones and give personalized content that based on each child's unique situation.