Introducing Waddle, a thoughtfully designed parenting app for coordinating your precious baby's care


Designed by parents, for parents

We are a team of parents that believes parenting can be simplified with the right tool. Parents today are pulled in multiple directions by an increasing number of responsibilities. Baby's childcare circle often includes extended family, daycares, and nannies as critical members.


So we created Waddle app to help parents stay connected in real time with their babies and to streamline the coordination of care providers in their babies' circle of love.

Gisela Xie, Cofounder & a new mom

All-in-one Parenting App


Track and monitor baby's everyday in real time including:

  • Routine data: feed, sleep and diaper/ potty training

  • Activities and moments

  • Growth: height, weight and head size

  • Health: illness, allergies and medicine


Why Waddle app by BlueSmart is your best choice

Always connected

No more guesswork, no more phone calls or text messages.
Get real time notifications and get insured that your baby is being taken care of.

Better understand baby's growth

Keep all your baby's data in one place. Easier to identify growth patterns, which can aid in making parenting

Easy collaboration

It takes a village to raise a child. Share, communicate information with every caregiver in the app so transition can be a breeze.

Personalized content

We use AI technology to analyze, learn and adapt, providing only relevant parenting content that is unique for your little one.